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Previous versions are available here


System Requirements

Operating System   XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Memory   2 GB (6 GB recommended)
Hard Disk   400 MB
Internet Connection   Integrated resource library requires occasional connection to internet

Genetica requires the Microsoft .NET Framework (a component of Windows) to be installed on your computer.  Newer computers will already have it installed, otherwise the Genetica installer may ask if you would like it to automatically download and install the .NET Framework for you.  If you would prefer to install the framework manually, you may do so from this page.


Demo Activation

The Genetica demo that is downloaded from this page is a 30-day trial.  The demo can be instantly converted into the full program by entering a serial number, which can be obtained here.  All three editions of Genetica are bundled into the demo.  The demo will convert itself into the correct edition depending on the serial number that is entered.

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