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Click to download the free Wood Workshop.

System Requirements

Operating System   Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor   1 GHz processor
Memory   1 GB
Hard Disk   6 MB*

The Wood Workshop requires the Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed on your computer.  The Wood Workshop installer can set this up for you if needed, although newer computers come with it already installed.

During installation Genetica may ask if you would like the installer to automatically download and install the .NET Framework.  If you would like to install the framework manually, you may do so from this page if you use Windows XP or Vista, or this page if you use Windows 2000.  You may check to see if the framework is installed by looking for its entry in the Add/Remove Programs section of the Windows Control Panel.

* More space will be required if the .NET Framework is not already installed. In addition, if you plan on routinely rendering textures at resolutions of 1024 by 1024 or higher, we recommend you have your Windows page file set to a minimum size of 2000 MB or more.

Click to download the free Wood Workshop.


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