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  Genetica Gallery
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When visual effects pro Robert Waterworth of C4 Studios was asked to recreate the universe for National Geographic's television documentary "Journey to the Edge of the Universe," he chose Genetica.  Learn more about his work here.


Genetica was used extensively to texture planets in "Journey to the Edge of the Universe."


Genetica is being widely employed for Robert Waterworth's upcoming documentary "The Battle of Britain."  Learn more here.



3D Artist Jean-Luc Aubert uses Genetica to textures nearly every surface!


Every texture in this scene was created with Genetica!


Architect Waleed Serag demonstrates the use of Genetica for adding organic detail.



Genetica played a central role in the development of the acclaimed "AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! -- A Reckless Disregard for Gravity".  Learn more about the game here.


"Genetica was instrumental in helping us create the game's look," says Ichiro Lambe, Founder of Dejobaan Games.  "I suspect that if it weren't for Genetica, we'd still be sitting around, pushing pixels by hand."


Genetica was the primary 2D art tool used in Shattered Origins, a space combat and strategy game by developer Elder_Games.  Genetica was used to create assets for surface textures, planets, backgrounds, flares, explosions, and more.


Gunstorm II combines classic arcade action with a modern look-and-feel.  All textures and particle bitmaps were created in Genetica.  Learn more about the game here.


Nearly every image resource in Arcan was made in Genetica, including environment textures, model textures, flares, and special effects.  Learn more about Arcan here.


Genetica's procedural texturing ability was used to create a diverse set of environments for Arcan.


Even Arcan's skies and interface panels were created in Genetica.


Joshua Bennett uses Genetica to create tabletop game maps.



Treat your eyeballs to Genetica-created textures as you put the hurt on waves of aliens in Sinister Planet, an acclaimed shooter for the Android platform.  Learn more about the game here.

We also thank Genetica wizard Allen Paynter who had originally contributed some of the planet presets appearing in the game.


Genetica textures were used extensively in Alien Zombie Death, available for the PSP Minis.  Kick ass and take names as you battle the dreaded Alien Zombies.  Learn more about the game here.



Every texture asset in Flatspace, including flares and special effect bitmaps, was created in Genetica.  Flatspace is a space exploration game available from the iTunes app store for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.  Learn more about the game here.


Product Design

Connie Barrett of Bad Kitteh Co uses Genetica to create the most realistic surfaces possible.  See more of their work here.



Artist Allan Miller uses Genetica to texture his striking digital designs.
Artist Will Tait uses a computer-controlled milling machine to carve Genetica-created patterns into wood.  The sculpture shown here is 3.5 feet across.

Artist Chris Caprioty uses Genetica to create photorealistic worlds.




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