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Lab Nodes allow complex graphics jobs to be performed through an easy and friendly interface.  This texture only needed two nodes: a Substance Lab to make the base material, followed by a Weather Lab to add further details.


Whether battering a slab of rock, smudging a plank of wood, or corroding a metal floor, the Weather Lab will be an indispensable part of your texturing toolkit.


With well over 100 properties and selectable options in the Cut & Tile Lab alone, you will not run out of unique looks from this user-friendly tool.


This example shows just one of the ways that textures can be combined in the Layer Lab.  The top texture has been made to look like it's peeling off of the bottom texture. 


From clothing to wall hangings to furniture, weave textures can add depth and realism to a scene.  The middle example was made by filtering a photograph of a snowy park.


These examples show just a few of the more than 50 patterns that are immediately available for your vent and grate textures.




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