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  Genetica Tutorials
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Give your textures a boost with these Genetica tutorials.  If you don't see the information you need, feel free to post your question on Genetica's forum.

Video Tutorials
Manipulating Nodes
  Summarizes how nodes can be manipulated and arranged in the workspace.  Also looks at opening presets, rendering textures, and exporting the results for use in other applications.
Opening and Rendering Textures
  Introduces new Genetica users to opening, rendering, and exporting preset textures.
Make a Wood Floor with Nails
  Examines how to create a seamless texture of wooden boards that are held in place by nails.
Locating Elements in a Texture 
  Explains how to discover which node in a texture is responsible for particular visual element.
Understanding Groups 
  Explores Group nodes and how they can be used to keep textures organized and to efficiently reuse textural elements.  The "Space" preset category used in the first portion of the video is available in the Pro and Studio editions of Genetica.
Importing Images and Making Them Seamless
  Introduces the two ways to import an images into Genetica, the second of which is used to turn photos into seamless textures.
Texture Synthesis
  Walks through the various tools Genetica provides for turning photographs into seamless textures.
Drawing Techniques
  Shows how the Draw and Edit tools can be used to create a specific design.
Drawing a Photorealistic Texture
  This fast-moving tutorial runs through the creation of a texture in the Canvas node from start to finish.
Using Animations in Second Life
  Demonstrates how to export animations from Genetica for use in the online virtual world Second Life.  Requires the Studio edition of Genetica and familiarity with Second Life.
Modify Clothing with Genetica and iClone
  This video tutorial examines how to use Genetica to modify the clothing textures of 3D models.
Environment Maps for Shaders in iClone
  Covers the use of Genetica's environment map features for the creation of attractive yet efficient real-time shaders in iClone.  Requires the Pro or Studio edition of Genetica.
Make a CD Shader in Unity
  This tutorial shows how to use Genetica to make a compact disc in the Unity game engine with highlights that realistically shift as the viewing angle changes.
Environment Maps for Shaders in FX Composer
  Introduces game designers to the use of Genetica's environment map features for the creation of attractive yet efficient real-time shaders in FX Composer.  Requires the Pro or Studio edition of Genetica.

Text Tutorials
How to Make a Checkered Tile Floor Texture
  A great tutorial for beginners that goes through the construction of an entire texture from start to finish.
Create Custom Brick and Tile Patterns
  This tutorial examines how to create intricate custom brickwork in Genetica.
Importing Styles into Genetica
  Countless styles have been shared by users on Genetica's forum, but integrating freshly downloaded styles into Genetica can be a little tricky at first.  In this tutorial we show you how it's done.
Additional tutorials can be found in Genetica's manual.
User-Contributed Tutorials
Text Effects
  Walks through the process of adding metallic effects to imported text.
Easy Stone Tiles
  Shows how to import a photograph of stone and turn it into a tiles texture.
Adding Grime 
  Learn how to create a grimed-up 3D surface based on a height map.
Fractal Art 
  Explains a technique for the creation of colorful fractals.
Abstract Metal 
  Demonstrates the creation of an exotic texture of layered swirling metal.
Using Dirt Maps 
  Explains how to use the dirt maps provided with Genetica to achieve a variety of effects directly in Genetica.  (Alternatively, dirt maps can be rendered as-is and used in external applications.)
Creating Styles 
  Introduces the basic concepts of creating visual styles that can by applied to Canvas drawings.
Composition Using the Canvas Node 
  Shows step-by-step how to use the Canvas node to arrange multiple textures into a single composition.
How to Make a Sci-Fi Texture 
  An extensive guide to creating a sophisticated science fiction texture from start to finish.


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