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  Introducing Genetica 3.5
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Introducing Genetica 3.5, the upcoming new version of our seamless texture, animation, and HDRI environment map editor.  Genetica 3.5, which will be a free update for licensed users of Genetica 3.0, is expected to be released in Q3 2009 for Windows XP and above.  The features introduced below are being added to all editions of Genetica.

Use the new texture synthesis feature to turn photographs into seamless textures! Play the video to see more.

Enjoy an integrated library of over a thousand royalty-free texture photos, ready to be made seamless.  Save travel time without snatching images from the web and exposing your project to legal risk.  Our photographers traveled the globe so that you don't have to!

With Genetica's revolutionary way of correcting barrel, tilt, and perspective distortions, you'll be whipping out tile, brick, weave, and other repeating-pattern textures in record-breaking time.

Create seamless textures by automatically bombing a source image.

Vector tools let you isolate desired areas precisely.  Nondestructive workflow means you can always modify past decisions.
Use multiple layers to bring together elements from various photographs for original texture creations!
Rearrange nodes simply by dragging them.  Work faster!

Enjoy super-fast results with the new multi-core rendering engine!
New features are in addition to the hundreds already in Genetica.

Buy Genetica now for a special 25% discount. You'll receive version 3.0 now, and get 3.5 when it's released.  Discount ends on official release.

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