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  Introducing Genetica 3.6
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Introducing Genetica 3.6, another leap forward for the world's most powerful texture and effects editor!

Genetica 3.6 is a free upgrade for licensed users of version 3.5.

Create text directly within Genetica!  Great for both making logos and detailing textures.

Exotic text effects are just a couple clicks away thanks to the more than 300 styles that come included with Genetica.  Turn your text into stone, wood, glass, metal, and more!

Massive workflow improvements make Genetica 3.6 the easiest Genetica yet!  Click the image to play the video tutorial.

The new Style node allows artists to apply visual styles to arbitrary height maps.

Automatically turn procedural patterns into objects that include materials, bevels, shadows, reflections, and more!

Complete change list for v3.6 found here.  Previous version features listed here.

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