Advanced Nodes

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Advanced Nodes

Unlike the Basic Nodes, which perform only simple graphics tasks, the Advanced Nodes described in this section perform the most sophisticated graphics tasks and have the friendliest interfaces.  These are the nodes that beginners should start with.


The following table lists the available Advanced Nodes.






Draw designs using a variety of illustration tools.

Cut & Tile Lab

Convert your textures to bricks, blocks, or boards.

Fiber Lab (Pro/Studio)

Create a variety of fiber-based materials such as hair, fur, grass, and hay.

Layer Lab

Layer one texture on top of another for sophisticated composite effects.

Noise Lab

Create a variety of useful noise patterns.


Create exotic effects using scripts.

Select Noise

A simple and streamlined noise generator.

Select Pattern

Generates a number of patterns such as those used to make floor tiles or vents.


Apply styles to height maps.

Substance Lab

A general purpose material generator that will be the starting point of many textures.


Create seamless textures from photographs.

Weather Lab

Apply weathering or aging effects to your textures.

Wood Lab

Generate a wide variety wood textures.




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