Animate Property Dialog (Studio)

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To reveal the Animate Property dialog, click one of the clock icons appearing to the right of many of the properties in the Studio edition.



Clock Icons



If the only available option in the Animate Property dialog is to edit the animation curve, then it will automatically open the Edit Animation Curve dialog.  Otherwise you'll see a dialog that looks like one of the following examples.



Animate Property Dialog 1

This is the form that the Animate Property dialog will take most often.  Click "Edit Curve..." to modify

the property's animation, or click "Remove Animation" to stop the property from animating.



Animate Property Dialog 2

If the property being animated has two numeric values, such as a size or coordinate

property, the dialog will allow you to animate each component independently.



Animate Property Dialog 3

When animating color properties an additional gradient bar will appear.  At times during

the animation when the curve is at a low point a color towards the left of the gradient will

be used, and when the curve is at a high point a color towards the right will be used.




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