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Animation Intro Image

The Studio edition of Genetica is able to animate images and textures in a wide variety of ways.





Making an Animation (Studio)

This tutorial will guide you through making and exporting a simple animation.

Animate Property Dialog (Studio)

This dialog lets you define how a property changes over time.  It is the basis for creating animations in Genetica.

Render Animation Dialog (Studio)

This dialog allows you to render an animated texture, both for export and for closer inspection.

Export Animation Dialog (Studio)

This dialog is used to export animations that have been rendered to memory using the Render Animation dialog.

Animation Export Types (Studio)

An overview of the different export types that can be used to save an animation.



The next few illustrations provide an overview of the basics of making animations in Genetica.



Clock Icons

To make an animation, begin by selecting a node in the Nodes tab and then clicking one of the clock icons.



Pick a Curve Preset

In the Edit Animation Curve dialog select a curve preset or create a new curve.



Curves Animate Properties

Think of animation as Genetica automatically sliding properties back and forth over time.  The Min/Max

values specify the lowest and highest values that the property will assume during the animation, while

the selected curve controls how the property will move between those two extremes.  In this example

the property will move between 0.3 and 0.8 in a smooth wavelike motion.



Render Animation Button

When you are satisfied with your animation click the Render

Animation button to call up the Render Animation dialog.




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