A + B

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This node adds the colors of its two inputs together to produce its final result.  Colors are treated like light, where adding colors creates a result that is brighter than the originals, not like paint, where mixing colors creates a darker result.  Colors in Genetica are not clipped, which means that the addition may produce results that are brighter than full intensity, although such colors will not appear any brighter on your display.



No Clipping

At first glance the A + B node appears to eradicate the cells pattern in the center of the image.  But due to Genetica's

ability to work with colors that are brighter than white, the Exposure node is able to bring that detail back into view.






This node takes two inputs that are to be added together.  Due to the commutative property of addition, it does not matter which input is which.






This node has no properties.



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