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Creates volumetric data that is useful for creating effects such as clouds.  Unlike most Generators that only create a red channel, the Atmosphere node also creates transparency data, which is useful in allowing you to place the clouds over the background of your choice, as illustrated below:









The red channel of the node's single input helps define the density of the clouds at each point.










The small white circle on the surface of the light sphere in the Properties panel specifies the relative location of the light source illuminating the clouds.  Change the location of the light by dragging the white circle, or by changing the values within the rotation angle and elevation angle fields below the light sphere.

Thickness Factor

Alters the thickness of the clouds.  Greater values result in clouds that are less transparent.


The clouds generated by this node are self-shadowing.  This property controls the strength or darkness of those shadows.

Sample Density

Increasing this value can result in a higher quality result, but will also increase render times.

Detail Scale

Increasing this property results in a greater number of smaller details.  In other words, it is equivalent to zooming away from the image.


Changing Seed creates new random patterns.




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