AVI Animation Export (Studio)

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AVI is a common video format used by many software applications.  This animation export type is available both from the Render Animation dialog and the Export Animation dialog.


AVI can be tricky to work with because it is a "container format."  You can think of container formats as files that hold a collection of "sub-files" within them.  These "sub-files" can themselves be encoded in any number of other formats known as "codecs."  Having an application that can read AVI files in general does not mean that the application will be able to read any specific AVI file unless the data within it has been encoded with a codec that is installed on the system.  In other words, if you are creating AVI files for someone else's use you must ensure that they have the codec that you will be using.





Frame Rate

Controls the speed at which the animation will play by specifying how many frames of the animation should be shown each second.

Loop Time

Controls the speed at which the animation will play by specifying how many seconds the animation should take to play once.  This option is an alternative to specifying Frame Rate.

"Compression Settings..." button

Let's you select which codec (defined above) should be used to compress the video data within the AVI file.  Some codecs come with additional configuration options that can also be accessed through this button.  Please note that a number of the codecs installed on your system are likely to be "read-only" codecs that will fail when you try to save the AVI.  Unfortunately the only way to handle this is to note which codec selections cause the animation export to fail, and then avoid them in the future.




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