Batch Swap (Pro/Studio)

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Batch swapping allows you to create any number of new textures by repeatedly replacing one of the nodes of a source texture with each member of a list of input textures.  The resulting textures can be rendered immediately and/or saved for future editing.


Here are some examples where batch swapping can help:


1.You can apply the same weathering effect to a number of textures.  For example, you may want to put the same dirt and cracks on 50 different types of wall.  By opening an original texture that has the dirt and cracks applied to it, and then batch swapping the wall part with your collection of wall textures, this operation can be performed all at once.



2.You can create a thumbnail, complete with drop shadow and other effects, of each of the textures in your collection for use on a website.  See the Making Website Thumbnails tutorial for a step-by-step example.



3.You can conduct experiments by rapidly trying numerous node combinations and seeing which combinations yield results that you wish to keep.


Batch swapping can be performed by right-clicking the node that you would like to be swapped out, and then selecting Batch Swap in the popup menu.  See Render Options for a complete description of the settings you will be presented with.


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