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Blur Image Nodes soften their input image by blending nearby pixels together.





Art Blur

Blurs an image with directional biases, allowing artistic blur effects to be created.

Gaussian Blur

Blurs its input with a standard Gaussian blurring technique.

Motion Blur

Blurs an image by streaking it over the perimeter of a shape.  Results are similar to photographing a rapidly moving subject, or photographing a stationary subject with a moving camera.

Shape Blur

Blurs an image throughout the area of a supplied shape.

Smart Blur

Blurs more homogenous areas of an image while keeping sharp transitions intact.  This results in effects that are similar cell or cartoon shading.

Smear Blur

Smears an image, similar to what might happen if a cloth were dragged over a painting that hadn't fully dried.

Variable Blur

Performs a Gaussian blur with a variable radius at each point.




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