Bricks & Boards

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Creates repeating patterns of rectangles that are useful for bricks, floor boards, and similar effects.






This node takes no inputs.










Sets the width and height of an imaginary camera observing the texture.  Increasing these values is like moving the camera farther away from the texture.  Although any real number can be entered, this node is only designed for whole numbers.



Sets the X and Y coordinates of an imaginary camera observing the texture.  Changing these values is equivalent to translating the texture.

Block Density


Sets how many rectangles, or blocks, will be generated per unit area.  The unit area is set with the Size property.  One key difference between the Size and Block Density properties is that entering non-identical values into the Size property will create disproportionate border widths, while Block Density will not.

Border Width

Sets the width of the border surrounding each block.


Optionally translates each row of blocks by an incremental amount, creating a diagonal pattern.

Width Variation

Randomly varies the width of each block.

Slide Variation

Translates each row by a random amount.


Flips the block orientation between horizontal and vertical.  It also flips the operating orientation of many of the other properties.




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