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Finding the Canvas Node

Select the "Advanced Nodes" category, then drag

a Canvas node onto its desired position.

Canvas Has Its Own Tab

Canvas nodes have a special interface that can be found by

clicking the button directly over the node, or the Canvas tab.



Use Canvas for Intricate Designs

Use the Canvas node to create intricate designs.






A guide to the tools that can be used to modify a Canvas design.

Shapes Panel

An overview of the panel found to the right of the Canvas workspace.

Selecting Shapes

An explanation of the various ways that shapes can be selected, including when and how multiple shapes can be selected simultaneously.

Understanding Curves

Curves are the basis of any Canvas design.  This section explains how they work.

Tips for a Speedy Canvas

While there are often multiple ways to achieve the same visual result, not all approaches will render as efficiently.  This page discusses Canvas node best practices.

Using a Design Plan

Advice on basing Canvas designs on sketches or plans imported into Genetica.

Useful Tricks

An assortment of common tasks with explanations of how they are performed.




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