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Many of the nodes, including many generator, filter, and 3D nodes, create patterns without any color information.  These nodes simply place their data in the image's red channel.  The Colorize node can be used to color such images by mapping the intensity of its input's red channel along a color gradient specified by the user.






This node takes one input that it attempts to color.  The Colorize node only looks at the red channel of its input, ignoring any green and blue components.  If you would like to color one of the input's other channels, use a Get Channel node to place the desired channel into the red channel.










The color gradient used to re-color the input image. Clicking this property's "Edit..." button will open the Gradient dialog.

Keep Transparency

Setting this value to "Yes" causes the node to allow its input's transparency channel to pass through unchanged, as long as the color gradient supplied by the previous property has no transparency.




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