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With the Connect to Adjuster dialog you can add adjusters to your own textures and filters.  Adjusters are a convenient way to modify the individual properties within a texture without needing to dig through the nodes to find the property each time you wish to modify it.  If you are not familiar with adjusters, you may wish to begin with the Genetica Basics tutorial, paying extra attention Step 2.






Identify a property that you wish to connect to an adjuster, and click the connect to adjuster button found directly to the right of the property (1 above).  In the Connect to Adjuster dialog that appears, enter the name of the adjuster that you wish to connect the property to (2 above).  Once the dialog is closed a new adjuster will be created with that name (3 above).  It is also possible to connect multiple properties to the same adjuster by entering the same adjuster name for each property in its Connect to Adjuster dialog.


If the property being connected to an adjuster is numeric or a selection drop-down, then an "Edit Curve..." button will open the Edit Curve dialog.  The selected curve defines how adjuster values map to property values.  The x-axis of the curve represents adjuster values, and the y-axis represents property values.


The "Remove Adjuster" button in the Connect to Adjuster dialog will disconnect the property from the adjuster.  Once all properties have been disconnected from a particular adjuster, it will vanish.


Once an adjuster has been created it can be refined with the Edit Adjuster dialog.


If a large number of adjusters has been created for a texture, they can be organized into sections by placing the texture's nodes into Groups, and then activating the Catch Adjusters properties of the Group nodes.



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