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Found in the lower right corner of Genetica's interface, the Contributors tab provides details on all the artists who have contributed to making a particular texture.  The information appearing here won't affect the actual rendered output in any way, but it will be visible to other users of Genetica who open the original Genetica texture file (also known as a GTX file).  This allows artists to freely distribute their GTX files over the internet while still getting credit for their work.  If you have a website portfolio, you may choose to include it within your contributor entry so that others editing your textures can learn more about the work you do.


The top part of the tab lists the names of the contributors.  Clicking on a name causes that contributor's details to appear below.  The Edit Date field provides the date of when that contributor made their latest contribution to this texture.  This field is handled automatically by Genetica.  Below Edit Date are fields for a website URL, email address, and comments.  These fields are completed at the discretion of each individual contributor.


When you edit a texture, Genetica will automatically insert an entry on your behalf.  What information Genetica uses for that entry, if any, is up to you.  You can edit your own contributor information by clicking File > Edit Author Info... within the main menu.


Directly to the right of the date field is a small icon that resembles a garbage can.  Clicking this icon will remove the currently selected author from the contributors list.  Only remove an author if you are sure that they did not contribute to the texture in question.


Please remember that if you obtain a GTX file created by someone else, that file represents an artist's original work and is protected by copyright law.  One should verify what uses of a GTX file the original artist will allow before making use of someone else's work.  For example, Spiral Graphics Inc. allows you to freely modify and distribute the preset textures that come included with Genetica.  For more details, you may refer to the End User License Agreement that appears in Genetica's About box.




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