Cut & Tile Lab

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Use the Cut & Tile Lab to quickly convert your textures into a variety of patterned materials such as wall tiles or floor boards.










This is the source material that will be cut up and converted into tiles.  For example, in order to make wooden floorboards, you'd insert a solid wood texture into this input.


The Cut & Tile Lab has built into it a large number of tile patterns that are ready for you to use.  However, you may want to supply your own custom pattern.  To do so, place your custom pattern into this input, then select "Use Input" as the pattern type within the Select Pattern section.




Property Sections





Select Pattern

Specifies the board or tile pattern that will be used to cut up your texture.


Warps the pattern selected in the previous section.

Mortar Width

Specifies the amount of mortar to appear between the tiles.


Controls how the source texture is placed in the tiles.

Color Blocks

Gives tiles random color variations.


Bevels the edges of your tiles in various ways to give the impression of depth.

Shade Edges

Shades the edges of your tiles for a variety of effects, such as making them look curvy.

Mortar Material

Controls the substance appearing between the tiles.



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