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Section Overview


The Bevel section of the Cut & Tile Lab bevels the edges of your tiles in various ways in order to give the impression of depth.










Changes the width of the bevel.  Increasing this value will create a wider bevel around the edges of your tiles.  This property will only have an effect if Depth is greater than zero.


Alters the depth of the bevel.  Increasing this value will exaggerate the shadows and highlights around your tiles in order to exaggerate their three-dimensional appearance.  This property will only have an effect if Width is greater than zero.


Curves the bevel inwards or outwards. With a value of zero, this property will create straight-edge bevels.


Increase this value to add additional grooves around the perimeter of your tiles, giving the bevel a ripply appearance.  If you increase this property a lot, you may want to activate anti-aliasing in order to keep the bevel looking smooth in final renders.



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