Color Blocks

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Section Overview


The Color Blocks section of the Cut & Tile Lab gives tiles random color variations.









Variation Amount

Changes the amount by which different tiles in your texture will receive random color variations.

Constraint Color

In some cases, such as when making wooden floorboards, it wouldn't look very realistic if one of your boards has a greenish tint, while another has a reddish tint, and yet another has a bluish tint.  The Constraint Color specifies the color around which color variations are restricted in order to keep the variations in a more confined section of the color spectrum.  Note that this property will only make a difference if both Variation Amount and Constraint Amount have values greater than zero.

Constraint Amount

Sets the degree by which color variations are forced to be similar to the Constraint Color specified above.  This property will only have an effect if Variation Amount is greater than zero.



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