Mortar Material

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Section Overview


The Mortar Material section of the Cut & Tile Lab controls the substance appearing between the tiles.  (The amount of material is controlled from the Mortar Width section.)









Mortar Opacity

Lower values of this property make the mortar material more transparent, while higher values make it more opaque.  Lower values of this property are useful in helping to blend the mortar material into the surrounding tiles, or in removing it altogether.

Mortar Depth

This property allows you to make the mortar material look like it buckles, either outwards or inwards depending on whether the value is positive or negative.  Set this property to zero to make the mortar completely flat.  Please note that the Mortar Width property will need to be set to a value greater than zero for the effects of this property to be noticeable.

Speckle Density

Mortar materials consist of speckles of different color.  Change this value to alter the size of those speckles.  Note that the visibility of these speckles also depends on the colors selected in the following two properties, with contrasting colors making the speckles more obvious.

Color 1

Specifies the first color used to create the mortar material.  Both this and the next color will appear in speckles, in accordance with the Speckle Density property above.

Color 2

Sets the second color used to create the mortar material.

Grit Density

The mortar can be given a bumpy or gritty feel.  This property will control how dense the bumps are.  This property will only have an effect if the Grit Depth property is set to a value other than zero.

Grit Depth

The farther this property is set from zero, in either a positive or negative direction, the more pitted your mortar material will appear.



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