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Section Overview


The Scramble section of the Cut & Tile Lab controls how the source texture is placed in the tiles or boards.  This can alternatively be thought of as what sections of the source material the tiles are cut from.









Material Orientation

Specifies how the source material is oriented within the tiles.  Specifying "On Side" effectively rotates the source material by 90 degrees.

Fill Mode

Selecting "Scrambled Image" will use a random portion of the source material to construct each tile, while selecting "Best Fit Image" will squash the entire source image into each tile.

Rotate Pieces

Specifies whether the orientation of the material within each tile will be individually set to match the orientation of the tile itself.  This is useful, for example, when constructing wooden floorboards, in which case you would want the grain of the wood to follow the length of each piece.



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