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As described here, Genetica is able to download graphics resources that will add realism to your textures and art.  The Download Resources dialog will appear whenever you open a texture, make a selection, or attempt to render something that will benefit from downloading a resource from our server.



Download Resources Dialog



Dialog Element


Resource list

The main portion of the dialog contains a list of resources that Genetica would like to download.  To download only certain resources uncheck boxes to the left of unwanted resources.

"Download resources automatically" checkbox

Check this box for required resources to be downloaded automatically when the dialog appears.  This is recommended.

"Disable downloading" checkbox

This checkbox will allow you to prevent the dialog from appearing for a specified number of hours.  This is useful if you are traveling and know you will not have internet access for a period of time.  If you have disabled downloading and want to re-enable it before the selected time is up, restart Genetica.

Space indicators

The space indicators at the lower left of the dialog inform you of how much space will be consumed by clicking the "Download Resources" button and how much space is left on the drive that was selected to receive downloads.

"Download Resources" button

Click this button to download selected resources.

"Close" button

Click this button to dismiss the dialog without downloading anything.




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