Edit Curve Dialog

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The Edit Curve dialog allows you to edit the curves used in various places throughout Genetica.  This dialog can be called up from a great many places, such as the Tone Curve node.



Edit Curve Dialog Overview



This dialog may also be called the Edit Animation Curve dialog when the curve is used to animate a property.  The only difference between the animation and non-animation versions of this dialog is the presence of the Animation Visualizer section.





Property Mapping Section

Scales the final curve before it is used.

Curve Preview

Shows what the final curve looks like.

Animation Visualizer Section (Studio)

Indicates the effect a curve may have when used to animate a property by playing a simple animation that is driven by the current curve.  This section only appears in the animation version of the dialog, which is opened from the Animate Property dialog.

Layers Section

Lists the layers forming the curve and allows layers to be added and removed.

Presets Tab

Provides access to preset curves as well as the ability to add new presets.

Edit Layer Tab

Allows the currently selected layer to be modified.




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