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The Edit Layer tab of the Edit Curve dialog allows the currently selected layer to be modified.  A layer can be selected from the Layers section.


The Edit Layer tab is divided into four sections:






Defines the basic curve generated by this layer before any of the Remap section's modifications are applied to it.


Specifies how this curve will be blended into any layers that are underneath it.


Modifies the curve created by the Generate section in a variety of ways.

Layer Preview

Provides a preview of the layer.



Many of the properties found in this tab can be in either numeric or curve-mapped modes.  When curve-mapped, a property will assume a different value over each part of the curve in accordance to a sub-curve used to map the property.



Curve-Map Property

In this example the Amplitude property is mapped with a simple upward-sloping line.  Amplitude

will therefore assume a value of 0 at the beginning of the curve and a value of 100 at the end.



Curve-Mapped Amplitude

Here's what the curve-mapped Amplitude would look like applied to a sine wave.

As you can see, the wave's amplitude increases steadily over the course of the curve.



Amplitude Sub-Layer

In the Layers section curve-mapped properties are represented as sub-layers.  They can be selected for editing

like any other layer, although they can't be rearranged by dragging since they are attached to their parent layer.




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