Edit Custom Curve Dialog

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The Edit Custom Curve dialog can be used to define a curve by placing arbitrary control points that the curve must go through.



Edit Custom Curve Dialog

To reach this dialog, select the Custom curve type in the Edit

Curve dialog's Generate section, and then press "Edit Curve..."



The bulk of this dialog is a graph showing the curve and the control points that define it.  The graph supports the following actions.





Add control point

Add points by clicking arbitrary locations on the graph that don't already have a control point.

Remove control point

Remove unwanted points by double-clicking them.  Alternatively, select a control point and then press the delete key.

Select control point

Click a point to select it.  Once selected, the properties immediately below the graph can be used to modify it.

Move control point

Move control points by dragging them.  A control point does not need to be selected in order to be moved.



As described below, several properties surround the graph, providing further refinement opportunities.






This property appears above the graph and applies to the curve as a whole.  It specifies whether the curve should loop horizontally.  Looping curves will always have identical beginning and ending values, regardless of control points.  Looping curves are useful for creating looping animations.


Controls the horizontal position of the currently selected control point.


Controls the height of the curve at the currently selected control point.


Specifies whether the curve to the left of the control point should be curved or straight.


Specifies whether the curve to the right of the control point should be curved or straight.




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