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The Image environment layer type loads a pre-created environment map image.





"Select..." button

Opens the Select Image dialog where you can choose the environment image to open.  This image can be a preset image that is downloaded from our server or a custom image that you supply.

Map type options

These options appear to the right of the "Select..." button.  As described here, environment maps come in a variety of map types corresponding to the various ways that a spherical image can be unwrapped onto a flat surface.  As long as you remain with the environment images that we provide, you'll be able to leave the default option of Latitude/Longitude.  However, if you supply your own environment images then you will need to tell Genetica which map type to use.


Brightens or darkens the image in a way that imitates changing the exposure setting on a camera.


Modifies the relative brightness of different parts of the image using a gamma curve.  This property can help simulate the response to light that different cameras and display devices have.




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