Layers Section

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Layers Section

The Layers section of the Edit Style dialog lists the layers forming the current style and allows layers to be added and removed.  The New button will add a new layer, the Delete button will remove the currently selected layer, and the Clear button will remove all layers.


Layers can be selected here in order for them to be edited in the Edit Layer tab.  The order of the layers can be changed by dragging layers up or down.



Styles Explained 1

Styles make it easy to apply sophisticated effects to designs.

In this example a glassy style has been applied to a circle.



Styles Explained 2

Styles consist of any number of layers that are applied one after another.  In the previous example a

shadow is applied first (left), followed by a beveled blue fill (middle), followed by some highlights (right).



Styles Explained 3

Here's what the same style looks like in the Edit Style dialog.  The first layer to be applied

(the shadow) appears last in the layers list because it is at the bottom of the stack.  The layer

creating the highlights is selected, so its properties appear in the Edit Layer tab.




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