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This node removes low frequency data from its input image in order to make repetitions less obvious.  Because high frequency data is allowed to remain in the image, this node is sometimes referred to as a high-pass filter.



Equalize Grass

Left: The original grass texture looks great up close, but develops obvious repetitions towards the horizon.

Middle: With an Equalize Radius of 0.08 the texture retains good definition up close while looking much smoother far away.

Right: An Equalize Radius of 0.02 gives extremely smooth results at the horizon, but loses definition up close.



Equalize Imported Photo

Left: Camera flash will often make imported photographs darker around the edges.

Right: The Equalize node can even out lighting.






The node's single input provides the image that is to have its colors equalized.










Detail that is larger than this radius is removed from the image.




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