Fiber Lab (Pro/Studio)

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Use the Fiber Lab to create a variety of fiber-based materials such as hair, fur, grass, and hay.  This node is available in the Pro and Studio editions of Genetica.


Like many Lab Nodes, Fiber Lab will maintain the transparency of its input.  The following illustration shows how a Solid Color node set to full transparency can be placed into the Fiber Lab's Background input to create transparent areas behind the fibers.



Fiber Lab Transparency










Provides the background image that the fibers will be placed over.


You have the option to use your own custom noise within the Fiber Lab by selecting "Use Input" as a noise type within any of the sections containing a Select Noise box.




Property Sections





Strand Density

Controls the density of fiber strands sprouting from various parts of the texture.

Strand Colors

Specifies the colors of the individual strands.

Strand Settings

Provides a number of options controlling fiber strand behavior.

Adjust Edge Colors

Alters the colors of the fiber strands around the edges where the fibers meet the background image.


Controls the shadows cast by the fibers onto the background image.




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