Strand Settings (Pro/Studio)

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Section Overview


The Strand Settings section of the Fiber Lab provides a number of options controlling fiber strand behavior.










Sets the length of the strands.


Controls the overall density of the strands.  Higher values lead to a greater number of strands.


Influences the overall direction that the strands follow.  Individual strand directions are controlled by the yellow Select Noise box appearing at the bottom of this section.


Controls the degree to which nearby strands diverge.  Lower values lead to strands that all move in the same direction, while higher values lead to strands that move in directions that are quite different.


Controls the overall opacity of the fiber layer.  Change this property to control the extent to which the Fiber Lab's Background input shows through.


Adjusts the overall brightness of the fibers.


Adjusts the overall contrast of the fibers.



At the bottom of the Strand Settings section is a yellow Select Noise box that determines the directions followed by the individual strands.  The pattern defined here is used as a height map from which the strands sprout (strands are perpendicular to the surface defined by this height map). The options appearing within this box are identical to those of the Select Noise node.



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