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The File menu has commands relating to opening, closing, saving, and exporting your textures.






Creates a new, blank texture.


Load a previously saved texture from your hard drive.


Copies the current document to a new one.


Closes the active texture.  You will be prompted if there are unsaved changes.  Clicking the small 'X' at the far right side of the main button bar will also perform this action.

Close All

Closes all open textures.  For each texture being closed you will be prompted if there are unsaved changes.


Re-saves the active texture, overwriting the previously saved version.  If the texture has never been saved, you will be prompted to choose a location and filename for saving the texture.

Save As

Allows you to save the active texture to a location of your choosing.

Edit Author Info


Allows you to specify what personal information, if any, you would like Genetica to include within any textures that you edit.  For more information, please refer to the Contributors page.


Saves the active rendered texture (found within the Results tab) using an image or video format of your choosing.  If the image happens to contain an alpha (opacity) channel, the alpha channel will only be saved as long as the selected export format supports it.

Copy Image

Copies the active rendered texture image to the clipboard, which allows you to quickly and easily paste it into your image editor without needing to first save it to the hard drive.  Please note that the Windows clipboard doesn't support images that contain an alpha channel, so transparency will be stripped from the copy of the image that is placed on the clipboard.  If you wish to transfer an image that has transparency, save it as a PNG file.

Clear Image

Discards the active rendered texture image.


Quits Genetica.  You will be prompted if there are any open textures with unsaved changes.




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