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In some cases it is more convenient to pipe an image or texture into a Canvas node rather than creating it using styles.  In these cases the Fill Input Texture Style Effect helps by filling the area with whatever input image is being fed into the style.  The next few illustrations summarize the process of setting this up.



Using Canvas Inputs 1

Step 1: Select the Canvas node and increase its Inputs property to 1, or more if using multiple inputs.

Step 2: Insert the desired image or texture into the newly created input slot.



Using Canvas Inputs 2

Step 3: Within Canvas select the layer that will use the input, select the Style tool, and

set the Input Texture property according to what slot was used in the previous step.

In this example we're using just one input texture so the default value of 1 will do.



Using Canvas Inputs 3

Step 4: Edit the layer's style, select one of the style layers, and set its effect type to "Fill Input Texture."

The style will now use the image being fed into the Canvas.





Offset X

Optionally moves the input texture horizontally before using it.

Offset Y

Optionally moves the input texture vertically before using it.


Rotates the input texture by a few specific increments that will allow seamlessness to be maintained.




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