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Generate Image Nodes create new patterns that form the basis of your textures.


These nodes usually don't create any color information, instead producing patterns of light and dark.  When a pattern lacks color information, the data is placed in the image's red channel.  This is why the results of the generate nodes are usually red.



Generate Node Examples

Generate nodes create basic patterns that will form the basis of countless textures.



Coloring a Generator

Although generate nodes usually don't create their own color information,

they can be easily colored by inserting a Colorize node below them.







Creates volumetric data that is useful for creating effects such as clouds.

Bricks & Boards

Creates repeating patterns of rectangles that are useful for bricks, floor boards, and similar effects.


Makes patterns that look like a bunch of bubbles, or cells, randomly squashed together.


Creates simple gradient patterns.

Hair (Pro/Studio)

Used to create a variety of hair-like effects that are useful for such materials as fur and grass.

Imported Image

Allows the importation of a preexisting image into a texture.


Creates random noise patterns which can vary greatly depending on the settings used.


Creates a variety of simple shapes, such as triangles and stars.


Detects the distinct regions making up an input pattern, and provides options for manipulating those regions in a number of interesting ways.

Solid Color

Creates a solid color without any textural detail.

Wood Rings

Creates patterns similar to the rings found in wood.




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