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This tutorial introduces new users to the very basics of working with textures in Genetica, such as opening presets, understanding their overall construction, and editing them in simple ways.



Step 1


Within the Overview tab active, select the "Leather" texture from the "Miscellaneous" category.






Step 2



Customize the texture using the adjusters found at the bottom-right corner of the interface.






Step 3


Render the texture using any of the following methods:


1.Click the "Render Texture" button in the main button bar.  (This button is pictured in the following illustration.)
2.Alternatively, press the Ctrl+T hot key.  (While holding down Ctrl, tap the T key.)
3.Alternatively, select the Render > Render Texture command from the main menu.






After a number of seconds the rendered texture will be displayed.  During the rendering process a percentage progress indicator along the top of the interface will give you an idea of how long the process will take.


The following image points out some of the options that are available at this point:






1.To export the rendered image, click the Export Image button.

2.To render the texture at a different size, select a new resolution, then click then click the Render Texture button again.

3.To start a completely new texture click the New button

4.To further refine the existing texture, return to the Overview tab.

5.To close this document, hover over the document tab, then click the mall X that appears.


Additional options are described on the Rendering page.



Step 4



Return to the Overview tab by clicking it.


The boxes at the top of the interface represent steps in a filter pipeline.  The first box generates an image, and then each box to the right of it refines the image in some way. Click the second box, then select the "Texture Effect" category and the "Cracked Photo" filter preset.






Step 5


Render the texture again as done in Step 3.






Next: The Editing Presets tutorial guides you through the process of modifying one of the preset textures that comes included with Genetica.  There are also video tutorials.



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