Tips for New Users

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Here are some suggestions for new users to start with:


Try the Genetica Basics tutorial, which will get you rendering textures as quickly as possible.


Play with the preset textures.  Exploring and editing ready-made textures is a great way to learn Genetica for two reasons.  First, you get to see all our tricks.  Second, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel--starting with a pre-made texture that is already similar to the look you want can help you achieve your goals in minutes.


Try the Synthesis node.  The easiest way to make textures is from photographs.  The Synthesis will let you do that.


Try the Canvas node.  This node will allow you to create things with common tools that you may be familiar with already.


Visit  The on-line Genetica community is a great place to share your work and ask questions.  We're here to help!



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