Image Sequence Animation Export (Studio)

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With image sequences the animation is saved as a series of standard images.  This animation export type is available both from the Render Animation dialog and the Export Animation dialog.


Image sequences are useful for certain applications and game engines that can load them.  When you export an image sequence an IFL (Image File List) will be saved along with the sequence.  The IFL lists the images forming the animation and is used by certain applications to load the image sequence.





Export Format

Specifies the image format used to save the animation's frames.

JPEG Compression

If the images are being saved as JPEG images, this slider controls the amount of compression used.  Higher values result in smaller file sizes but lower image quality.

Number Padding

Controls the minimum number of digits used in the resulting file names to represent the frame number.  For example, frame 8 will be represented as 008 if Number Padding is set to 3.  Padding frame numbers is useful for ensuring that the resulting files will be listed in order when they are sorted alphanumerically.

First Frame

Specifies whether frame count should start at 0 or 1 in the resulting file names.

Naming Scheme

Controls the naming convention used in the resulting image files in cases where your video application is picky about what naming schemes it will recognize:



In this naming scheme the frame number is appended to the file name and the image format extension is used as normal.  This is a good choice if you don't know which scheme to use.


Like the above convention, except a period is added before the frame number.


Like the first naming scheme, except the image extension is not used.


Like the above convention, except a period is added before the frame number.




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