Import 3D (Pro/Studio)

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Imports a 3D model into Genetica. Imported models should be UV-mapped before being imported in order to allow textures to be generated for them. Genetica can import models in OBJ and 3DS formats.




The Import 3D node brings UV-mapped models into

Genetica so that textures can be generated for them.






This node takes no inputs.










Specifies the size of the model along each of the three axes.


Controls the position of the model along each of the three axes.


Sets the orientation of the model using a heading-pitch-roll scheme.

Max Smooth Angle

Specifies the maximum angle between two mesh triangles before the edge between them is rendered as a hard angle instead of a smooth transition. Lowering this value will cause the model to appear faceted, similar to a cut crystal.

Import 3D Object button

Click this button to select the model to be imported.

Clear button

Click this button to clear the imported model.

Size indicator

This indicator, found in the Properties panel, will show the memory requirements of the imported model.




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