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Unlike Image Nodes, which perform relatively simple operations, Lab Nodes perform complex, high-level operations such as generating a piece of wood or adding rust stains to an image.  Thus, the nodes found in this section automate sophisticated image manipulation tasks that could otherwise be difficult to set up.



Lab Nodes



Lab Nodes have an "Edit" button (see previous image) that can be found above their top left corner.  Clicking this button will switch to a tab in the main interface that contains all of the Lab Node's special properties (see following image).  Lab Nodes are also unique in that they support the "Convert Lab to Basic Nodes" operation in the Pro and Studio editions of Genetica, which replaces the Lab with an equivalent, fully customizable group of Image Nodes.



Lab Tab



The above illustration shows the properties tab that is revealed when the Lab button above a Substance Lab is clicked.  As indicated, a Lab Node's properties are usually organized into a number of sections, each of which can be selected to reveal the properties that correspond to that section.


Another important feature distinguishing Lab Nodes from Image Nodes is that most Lab Nodes will automatically generate a number of useful effect maps.  Please refer to the Using Effect Maps tutorial for more information.


These are the available Lab Nodes:





Cut & Tile Lab

Convert your textures to bricks, blocks, or boards.

Fiber Lab (Pro/Studio)

Create a variety of fiber-based materials such as hair, fur, grass, and hay.

Layer Lab

Layer one texture on top of another for sophisticated composite effects.

Noise Lab

Create a variety of useful noise patterns.

Select Noise

A simple and streamlined noise generator.

Select Pattern

Generates a number of patterns such as those used to make floor tiles or vents.

Substance Lab

A general purpose material generator that will be the starting point of many textures.

Weather Lab

Apply weathering or aging effects to your textures.

Wood Lab

Generate a wide variety wood textures.



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