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Select the Grime layer type within the Layer Lab for an effect where the top material is made to look like a layer of grime that is on top of the bottom material.  These are the properties that become available when this layer type is selected.





Grime Amount

Controls how much of the bottom material's surface is covered in grime.


Cycles which parts of the noise (defined at the end) are used to specify the locations that are covered in grime.


Adjusts the transparency of the grime layer.  Increase this value to make the effect more subtle.

Fade Edges

Fades away the edges of the grime layer.

Fade Centers

Fades away the central areas of the grime layer.


Embosses the grime layer, giving it a thick, three-dimensional appearance.



At the bottom of the Layer Lab is a yellow Select Noise box that is responsible for controlling the locations of the grime.  The options appearing within this box are identical to those of the Select Noise node.



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