Image Burn

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Select the Image Burn layer type within the Layer Lab for an effect where the image of the top material is burned into the bottom material in various ways.  These are the properties that become available when this layer type is selected.





Burn Amount

Controls how much of the bottom material is covered by the effect.


Cycles which parts of the noise (defined at the end) are used to specify the locations where the effect will be applied.

Transition Softness

Increasing this value results in softer, more gradual transitions between the areas that do and do not receive the effect.


Increasing this value makes the effect more subtle.


Controls the brightness of the effect.


Controls the contrast of the effect.


Controls the hue of the effect.


Controls the saturation of the effect.


Embosses the effect layer, giving it a thick, three-dimensional appearance.

Burn Styles

Offers a number of combination modes for merging the top material with the bottom one.

Invert Input

Set this property to "Yes" to invert the colors of the top material.



At the bottom of the Layer Lab is a yellow Select Noise box that is responsible for controlling the strength of the effect at various locations.  The options appearing within this box are identical to those of the Select Noise node.



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