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Select the Paint layer type within the Layer Lab for an effect where the top material is made to look like a layer of old or imperfectly applied paint that reveals the bottom material at various spots.  These are the properties that become available when this layer type is selected.





Break Amount

Controls the amount of the top material's surface area that is broken away, revealing the material below.


Cycles which parts of the noise (defined at the end) are used to specify the locations where the top layer is broken away.

Edge Sharpness

Controls the abruptness of the transitions between areas that are and are not covered by the top layer.

Bump Depth

In order to mimic a thin coat of paint, you may want the bumpiness of the bottom layer to affect the top layer.  This property controls the strength of that effect.

Bump Extent

While the above property controls the strength of the transmitted bump effect, this property controls the amount of surface area that will receive the effect.


Causes the paint layer to buckle near its edges.



At the bottom of the Layer Lab is a yellow Select Noise box that is responsible for controlling the locations of the paint layer.  The options appearing within this box are identical to those of the Select Noise node.



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