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Combines two effect maps in order to create a new one.  This node can be thought of as layering one pattern on top of another one.  It is similar to the Merge Maps node, except that node will combine all of the effect maps present rather than just two, but with less control over how the combination is done.


A simple example using this node can be found on the Effect Map page.






This node takes a single input.  It won't affect the input image itself, but it will alter any effect maps present in this part of the texture, as described above.









First Map

Specifies which of the maps is to be layered on top of the second one.  The options available here will change depending on what effect maps are found at this part of the tree.  If there are no effect maps here, a single "None Found" option will appear for this property, in which case the node is unable to do any useful work.

Second Map

Specifies which of the maps is to be layered underneath the first one.  This property operates like the one above.

Combine Mode

Offers a number of ways in which the two maps can be combined.


Decreasing this value decreases the effect that the first map has on the second one.

New Map Name

Assigns a name to the new effect map created by this node.  Because effect map names such as this may be used by other Layer Maps nodes further down to identify what they will operate on, it is recommended that you set clear names for all of your effect maps as soon as possible.

Clear Original

After the Layer Maps node has created a new effect map, you may no longer have a need for the other effect maps.  This property allows you to specify which of the preexisting effect maps, if any, should be removed:



Clears the map specified by the First Map property above.


Clears the map specified by the Second Map property.


Clears the maps specified by both First Map and Second Map.


Clears all preexisting effect maps, whether they were used by this node or not.


Doesn't clear any maps.

Fix Contrast

If the effect map created by this node has an undesirable washed-out appearance, activate this property to adjust its contrast to make use of the full tonal range from black to white.




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