Move & Repeat

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Translate and scales its input, as specified by the user.


Generator nodes already have the ability to be translated and scaled through their Location and Size properties.  However, there is an important difference between scaling an image directly from a generator or doing so in a Move & Repeat node.  With a generator such as Noise or Wood Rings, increasing its Size property will generate more random detail.  However, increasing a Move & Repeat node's Size property creates no more detail, rather, it simply repeats the image that was provided in its input.  This is illustrated below.



Whether To Use Move And Repeat

Left: To make details smaller without repeating them, right-click node and select Zoom Out Branch.

Right: To make details smaller by repeating them, use Move & Repeat.



Free Transform Versus Move And Repeat

Left: Use Free Transform to position a single copy of an image without repeating.

Right: Use Move & Repeat to turn a single image into a repeating pattern.






The node's single input provides the source image to be translated and scaled.










Sets the amount to scale down the input along the axes.  Although any number can be entered, results will only tile with whole numbers.


Sets the amount to translate the input along the axes.




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