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Nodes Introduction

This section provides useful details regarding each of the nodes you will encounter while assembling your textures.


Genetica's nodes are classified under three main headings:



Node Class


Advanced Nodes

These nodes perform complex, high-level operations such as generating a piece of wood or adding rust stains to an image.  Advanced Nodes therefore automate image manipulation tasks that would otherwise be quite difficult to do.  Advanced Nodes have a button just above their upper left corners that reveals many properties controlling their behavior.  Despite their name, these are the nodes that beginners should look at first.

Image Nodes

These nodes perform simple, straightforward image manipulation tasks, such as generating a gradient or blurring an image.  The tasks performed by these nodes are often similar to the types of operations commonly performed within photo editing applications.  Image Nodes have only a few properties controlling their behavior.

3D Nodes

Available in the Pro and Studio editions of Genetica, these nodes manipulate and create textures for 3D models.



The easiest way to find the explanation of a specific node is first to select it, and then to activate the Context Sensitive Help function by either pressing the F1 key or clicking the blue question mark found on the main button bar.



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