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The Noise Lab can be used to create a wide variety of useful fractal noises.  The following image exemplifies the vital role that noises play in texture generation.



Noise Lab



In the very simple texture setup pictured above, a noise is generated by a Noise Lab, which is then colored by a Colorize node.  Yet as simple as the resulting material was to make, it is full of intricate fractal detail.  Noises play the important role of providing your textures with this endless supply of detail.









Input Noise

The Noise Lab allows you to specify up to two noises, which can then be combined in various ways.  If you would like one of these two noises to be a custom noise that you provide, place it in this input slot, and then set "Use Input" as one of the noise types.






The properties for this Lab Node all fall into one main section, and are described here.



Noise Lab Parts



As illustrated above, the Noise Lab allows you to select up to two noises, with additional options for how the noises should be combined if two noises were selected.  Each of the two yellow boxes contain the properties for specifying a noise.  The properties within the yellow boxes are identical to the properties of the Select Noise node, and are not discussed again here.






Think of this property as a zoom function that lets you move closer or farther from your noise.  Increasing this property will create smaller, finer noise features.  Note that the Scale property at the top of the main blue box is a global scale property that will affect both of the noises within the yellow boxes, while the Scale property at the top of each of the smaller yellow boxes will only affect the noise defined within its corresponding box.


Changing this property will re-randomize the noise.  Note that just like Scale, this property is global to the Lab and will affect both of the noises specified within the yellow boxes.  To re-randomize only one of the two noises, change the Seed property found within its corresponding yellow box.

Combine Mode

Allows you to choose among various mathematical operations, such as "Add" or "Subtract" to be used to combine the noises specified below.  Note that this property will only be useful if a noise has been specified in each of the two yellow boxes.

Mix Bias

Specifies the relative weight that each of the two selected noises will receive when mixed.  Greater values increase the relative prominence of the top noise, while smaller values give the bottom noise more prominence.


Changes the brightness of the noise.


Alters the contrast of the noise.


Changes which parts of the noise appear light and which appear dark.  Giving this property a value of 100 will invert the noise.



Please refer to Select Noise for an explanation of the properties contained within the two yellow boxes.



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