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The Paint tool creates shapes organically by filling in areas.  It can be selected from the Canvas toolbox.






Drag in the workspace to paint.  To create a new shape when painting begins, select the layer you wish to paint on in the tree view to the right of the workspace.  To extend an existing shape, select the shape instead.


If you are using a stylus tablet with an eraser on one end, you may use that side of your pen to erase.




Mode Section


The Mode section of the Paint tool's ribbon lets you select whether you want to paint or erase.  The erase option will only be available of an existing shape is selected.  Erasing can also be done with the eraser of your stylus tablet, if available.




Width Section


Without a stylus tablet plugged in and installed with appropriate drivers, this section of the ribbon will contain a single Width option controlling the size of the paint brush.  But with a stylus tablet, additional options will appear, as listed below.  If the stylus tablet was plugged in or installed after Genetica had already been launched, then Genetica must be restarted for the tablet to be recognized.






Select this mode if you don't want the pressure-sensitive options to be displayed.  In this case, only a single Width option will appear, controlling the size of the brush.


This options causes the pressure-sensitive width options to appear, as described below.  Note that the Pen option will only be available if a stylus tablet has been installed on your computer with appropriate drivers.

Min Width

Specifies the size of the brush when the least pressure is placed on the pen.

Max Width

Specifies the size of the brush when maximum pen pressure is applied.  If Max Width is set smaller than Min Width, the brush will get smaller the more pressure is applied to it.




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